Finishing and Framing

Before Framing or Finishing

How to Clean Your Finished Cross Stitch

Tip: Always rinse off water-soluble pen grid lines before washing your project with soap or Oxiclean. Washing can turn the lines brown and are very hard to remove.

To remove brown water-soluble marker soak the fabric in a highly diluted vinegar solution for ~1 hour.

Framing and Finishing Options

Lacing Method

Museum standard is the lacing method for framing needlework. Avoid glues and “sticky boards” when framing as the proteins in the glue can eat away at the fabric over time, stain it, or attract insects years later.

Check out Mary Corbet for great tutorial.

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Finishing hub that links to tutorials for various finishing techniques.

Unique ways to “finish” your stitching, including pillows, ornaments and bell pulls (ie. wall banners).

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