Monthly Competition

About the Monthly Competition

Each month a theme is selected and an announcement is posted.

Submissions will be accepted by replying directly to the competition post (do not reply to the bot!). The post will be in contest mode, which means the submissions will be randomized and the scores hidden. The competition post will be active the last week of each month.

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Prizes are donated by generous users of /r/CrossStitch! If you would like to donate a prize, please message the mods!

Competition Rules

It is expected that all rules of /r/CrossStitch will be followed including the ones below specifically designed for this competition:

  1. All submitted pieces MUST be made by the submitter.

  2. Users are allowed to submit new projects as well as previously completed projects. Please make sure they are your own work! Please refrain from submitting the same project to multiple themes.

  3. Please give the source of your pattern if another user asks for it.

  4. Users may submit up to 2 pieces for the competition each month. However, only one piece may win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Each piece must be submitted in a separate comment.

  5. You may use whatever criteria you see fit to pick your favorite project. This may include overall style, craftsmanship, creativity, etc.!

  6. Have fun! This should be a friendly competition!

If there are any questions or concerns about the rules or any aspects of this competition feel free to message the mods anytime!

2022 themes

Jan - <300 stitches

Feb - Plants and Animals

March - New Stitchers Only

April - Puns, Jokes, and Funny Things

May - Before and After Backstitch

June - Books, TV, and Movies

July - Famous

Aug - Backs of Projects

Sept - Words and Quotes

Oct - Big things

Nov - Any and all holidays

Dec - Third annual Pattern maker fight club