Patterns vs. Kits


Patterns can come in a few different forms: digitally (perhaps ordered online on an Etsy store), in a leaflet (a small book, usually no more than 20 pages, filled with patterns of a similar theme), magazines, or a physical copy of a single pattern which can be found at most craft stores.


  • Great for storage! Some are only a page of paper thick.

  • Often times cheaper than kits.

  • Can be wirelessly delivered to you as soon as you want it.

  • More personalized to your interest.

  • More likely to support a small business, especially when purchasing on ETSY.


  • You only get the pattern - you have to buy the fabric and floss separately if you don't already own them.

  • Can be very expensive if it is a limited edition pattern or a pattern no longer in print.


There are a few major kit producers: Dimensions, Bucilla, and Janlynn, with some smaller companies also floating around. A lot of online stores of also started packaging their patterns as kits to sell them.

Dimensions, Bothy, Bucilla, Mill Hill (most kits involve beading), Janlynn, Pine Mountain Designs, Etsy


  • Everything you need is in one place!

  • Excellent for beginners.

  • Sometimes come with a frame for finishing.


  • Can be expensive depending on the level of expertise and size of the kit.

  • Often times the thread and fabric included are not great quality.

  • Especially if buying from a big designer, there will be less tailored kits to your specific interests.