Pattern Design

Sketch Your Own Pattern: printable graph paper 14ct, 16ct and 18ct

Don't want to design it yourself? Commission a designer to create a pattern for you.

Converting Text/Font


Converting Illustrations


Stitch Fiddle Free

Stitchboard Free for patterns up to 150 stitches

Picture Craft Works Free for patterns under 30x30 stitches

$10 per pattern over 30x30 stitches

Converting Photos



CStitch Free

Original Designs 


FlossCross Free 


KXStitch Free - Linux

StitchSketch $7.99 - iOS

MiniStitch Free or Advanced $15 - All platforms

Professional Apps

MacStitch $35 - $65 

Offers free trial

WinStitch $35 - $65 

Offers free trial

PCStitch $49.95

KG Chart $35

Hobbyware $60.00 - $120.00

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