Public Service Announcements that are still relevant to /r/CrossStitch

Rule 6 Update

What’s this 90-10 rule?

The 90-10 rule involves two important ideas: being a member of the /r/CrossStitch community and an appropriate place to post links to one’s shop/ blog/ etc.

Members of the community are welcome to share their personal shops, blogs, etc. in the appropriate setting. A member of the community is defined as someone who posts 9 other meaningful comments and/or posts for every one post and/ or comment linking directly to their shop, blog, etc. An appropriate setting isn’t something we can truthfully define, but we know it when we see it. However, I will try my best to define an appropriate setting: a parent comment when sourcing a [SHOP], a comment in response to another user’s question/ post/ comment (e.g.; where did you find this pattern??), and mod posts such as the craft fair.


/u/elizabethdoesphysics posts a [CHAT] asking for patterns involving Pokemon. In the comment section, i_am_a_reddit_user comments with a link to their shop. i_am_a_reddit_user then goes to nine other posts and comments on those posts as well, saying things like “wow! This is a beautiful FO! How are you going to frame this piece?” or “I really like how full your stitches are. How many strands did you use?”. i_am_a_reddit_user is following the 90-10 rule.


i_am_a_reddit_user posts directly to their shop as a [CHAT]. This breaks the rule because /r/CrossStitch does not allow direct posts to shops.

i_am_a_reddit_user posts a link to their shop as a comment on another user’s post. Then, i_am_a_reddit_user posts “good work” on nine other [FO] posts. This breaks the rule because i_am_a_reddit_user is not trying to be a member of the community. They are trying to satisfy a rule in the laziest way possible. This does not make them a member of the community; it makes them a spammer.

How do I know if I am making quality comments?

If you seem to be getting positive replies and/or upvotes, congratulations! You’ve added to the discussion in a meaningful way! Keep it up! In general, asking questions, writing multiple sentences, etc. in a comment are good ways to add to a discussion. Sharing [PIC]s completely unrelated to your shop (but relevant to /r/CrossStitch) is great too. Keep in mind there will be gray areas with this rule.

How will this rule be enforced?

We will rely on users either reporting posts/comments they feel violate rule 6 or sending a modmail message with links to specific comments/ posts. We will also keep an eye out for what appears to be excessive commenting (e.g.; following the 90-10 rule but commenting, like, 1000 times a day or some other obnoxious number). If it seems someone is posting too much about their shop/ blog/ etc., let the mod team know. However, please, please, please do a tiny bit of homework before reporting someone.

What are the consequences of breaking this rule?

Users will receive one warning from the mod team reminding them of the 90-10 rule. If the rule breaking continues, a second warning will be given as well as a three day suspension from the /r/CrossStitch community. If rule breaking still continues, the user will be permanently banned.

TLDR: Go to section titled “what is this 90-10 rule?”

Embroidery, Rule Five Change

The Posts

There was a CHAT post made by a user where they called out another user by name and used them as the primary target to make their point that non-cross stitch projects do not belong on /r/crossstitch.

This devolved into many hurt feelings, confusion, and a wide sense of “unwelcome” in the subreddit. While there was some constructive conversation, and that is not being overlooked, the manner with which this was done and handled was inappropriate.

The second post in question was a WIP post that was related to the main piece this user featured in their chat post. In this WIP post the comments quickly went downhill with lots of finger pointing and users and mods alike not feeling heard and respected on the sub.


As a result of the CHAT thread, we have changed the way we’re going to monitor rule one (good reddiquette and support each other). If you make an original post directly attacking another user you will be permanently banned from the sub and your post will be removed.

What could that look like?

We think you guys get the point. Be supportive, helpful, and respectful to each other. There is no need to call out anyone on this subreddit. If there is something you truly wish to discuss and want to use another user’s post as an example, contact the mods and we can best guide you in how to do that appropriately. 

Old Rule Five

We found in the SOS Survey results here that rule five wasn’t serving much of a purpose. A majority of users already use imgur or reddituploads, and those that don’t have been great about not using their instagrams and other platforms to overtly advertise their shops and other things.

Therefore we will be replacing rule five as follows:

New Rule Five

Please keep the focus on cross stitch projects. If you would like to share a blackwork, candlewicking, hardanger, or other aida/linen based craft please do so one time as an FO post only. Please note your post may be removed if it is not similar enough to cross stitch - this is designated by the mods.


Based on the responses we saw in the previously mentioned CHAT as well as ratings some of these type of projects get (some of them go into the 500’s for upvotes) it’s clear that a lot of our users do want to see them. A majority of these type of projects also use similar stitching styles that are commonly found in cross stitch (back stitches, french knots) and are especially common in more advanced projects (lazy daisy and smyrna stitches).

Are we going to allow crewel here? No. Are we going to allow latch-hooking here? No. Knitting/crochet? No. Quilting/Sewing/General Embroidery? No.

If you made something using aida cloth, and used similar techniques that are also commonly used in cross stitching, then you’re probably okay to post it.

Let's Talk About Rule Four....

Just a quick PSA so that we are all clear on the expectation and reasons behind rule number four, as it seems to be our most frequently broken rule. This might get kind of long, but if you’re unclear on what we’re asking for, please give this a read.

Again, if you have any store/pattern/kit reviews, remember to fill them out and send them to us, using this template! 

Rule Number Four

Rule number four states:

Now, if you forget to include that, you’ll get this handy message from one of the mods:

Hi there! Please share the pattern source for this FO, as per rule number 4. That can be:

Thanks for sharing!

You must include this information on EVERY FO you post. We’re not going to be too picky about how it’s posted, just as long as it is posted as a parent comment in your post or is in the title of your post. A parent comments means it is its own standing comment, and not a response to someone else.

For a quick overview of what we’re looking for:

Link to a pattern/shop: You do not have to link if you do not want to. A simple “This is pattern Princess Starfish and I got it on Etsy from Sugarland Patterns.” Is just fine. If you want to link us to the pattern, that’s great too. If you purchased the pattern, do NOT upload, email, or otherwise copy the pattern and disperse it. This is copyright infringement and would be breaking rule three.

Title of Pattern/kit: In the event that you buy a prepackaged kit, all we’re looking for is the maker and the kit name. Something like “This is a kit from Dimensions called Celestial moon.” is perfect. If you have a pattern from a physical cross stitch leaflet, a simple “This is from a Leisure Arts leaflet and the pattern is Banana Hammock Abroad”. Is great. Do NOT take a photo/scan a copy of the pattern and post it. This is copyright infringement and would be breaking rule three.

Self-Design: It is up to you whether you want to share your pattern. A simple “I found this picture and liked it, so I threw it into PCStitch and made it” is perfect.

Why do we have to do this?”

Ever since we did the State of the Sub survey, myself and the other mods have been going through every [FO] posted in this sub.   On more than half of the patterns that are posted that don’t include a source, or information on where to buy the pattern,  there is someone asking where they can find it.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen some awesome patterns here that I have thrown into my “to do eventually” pile. People like what you make and want to make it themselves! Instead of people having to ask you for the source, it just makes it so much easier, friendlier, and opens up discussion in the sub when you include the source in your post.

Anytime that a source is not included, we post a handy dandy reminder, and that reminder is only responded to about half of the time if I’m being optimistic, leaving some people who may have found the perfect pattern without a means of obtaining it.


So that’s it. There’s your run down on rule four. We’ve opted not to remove posts that break rule four, but we are keeping track of who isn’t following it. If that method doesn’t work out, we will resort to removing posts that don’t have source information, or don’t have it in the right place. Please feel free to discuss, rant, rave, and all that jazz below. Thanks!