Shop Owner's FAQ

The goal of this FAQ is to help users with shops adhere to the /r/CrossStitch subreddit rules.

Last updated: December 2, 2023

Where can I find the most up-to-date information on how to interact with the subreddit as a shop owner?

It is this FAQ. There are other posts out there on reddit. Consider this FAQ the info you should use.

Can I advertise my store on this subreddit?


When you signed up for Reddit, you agreed to its content policy and user agreement. In those agreements, you agreed not to use Reddit as a free advertising platform. Read more about these rules.

You may purchase a targeted advertising plan via Reddit Ads.

Can I post links to my Social Media? (Facebook group, Discord Server, Flosstube, Instagram, Blog, TikTok, etc?)

No.  Any link that goes to your own Social Media is self-promotion. While we use the terms 'shop' and 'store' extensively in this FAQ, the rules apply to all forms of self-promotion where you're leading people to your own content outside of /r/CrossStitch.

But how can I share my store on this subreddit?

We provide users many ways to share their stores.

No matter how you choose to interact with the subreddit, you must follow the 90/10 rule.

What is the difference between share and advertise?

By sharing, you are part of the community. You post your own items but you also frequently comment on other people's projects, give advice, and/or participate in the subreddit so other users see you as part of the community. By advertising, you are posting only things related to you and your store, and users see you more as a "commercial" rather than as a member of the community.

I want to post something and put my shop's name in the post. Is this okay?

Maybe. If your posts are constantly reported to us as spam, we will send you a message and tell you to not do that anymore.

Just to be safe, put your shop info in the comments. We find shop owners who put the shop info in the comments are more highly upvoted than those with the info in the title - that's a good thing for you! Get those upvotes!

What if I don’t want to be part of the community? That sounds like a lot of work!

You may buy targeted ads through the reddit ad marketplace.

Do I have to follow all of /r/CrossStitch’s rules on all of reddit?

No. We only look at your behavior and interactions on /r/CrossStitch.

What is the 90/10 rule?

For every one post or comment you make that shares your store on /r/CrossStitch, you must interact with the /r/CrossStitch subreddit in nine ways that are not related to your store. For example, you may post a comment on another user’s post. You may post a [WIP] or [FO] that is designed by someone else. 

This subreddit is a community of stitchers. The 90/10 rules exists to help you become a member of the community. We only consider posts and comments on /r/CrossStitch.

Other users comment on my posts and I reply to those comments. How are these comments related to the 90/10 rule?

They do not count in the 90/10 rule. They neither promote your shop nor create a sense of community not related to your shop.

Can I share finished cross stitch pieces?

Yes, but you are limited to once per month and you must use the [SHOP] tag. You may share finished pieces that you, yourself stitched and are made of thread and fabric. Then, reply to your post with a comment that links to your store to satisfy rule 4. Do not put the link to your shop in the title. It is hard to follow links in reddit titles. Do not share finished pieces that were stitched by someone else. If you want to showcase multiple finished objects, create one post with multiple photos. You don't have to link each stitched object individually in your comment. 

How do I follow rule 4 and rule 6 at the same time?

Rule 4 is cite your source on a FO. If your source is your own pattern that you sell, you must use the [SHOP] tag and follow rule 6. 

Can I share finished digital mock ups of cross stitch patterns using the [FO] tag?


Can I share works in progress [WIP]?

Yes, but you are limited to once per month and you must use the [SHOP] tag. This is only for projects made by you with thread and fabric. Do not link to your store or mention your store in the title. This makes you look like a spammer.

Can I share a digital pattern that I am making that is a “work in progress” using the [WIP] tag or a “finished object” using the [FO] tag?

No. If you would like a critique of your designs, try asking /r/Design_Critiques.

Can I share sales, giveaways, coupon codes, store opening, store closing, instagram feed, stitch-a-long, etc. using the [CHAT], [FO], [WIP], [PATTERN], [PIC], or [VIDEO] tag?


Can I ask for sample stitchers (people who will stitch my pattern and give me a photo of the final finished piece)?

Yes, but you must pay your sample stitchers. You may not ask for stitchers to work for you in exchange for free patterns.

Can I ask for feedback on my patterns, store layout, etc.?

No. Use /r/Etsy. If you would like a critique of your designs, try asking /r/Design_Critiques.

Can I post a cross stitch pattern?

Yes. Use the [PATTERN] tag. The piece must be 100% free. You must offer the pattern directly. Do not ask users to sign up for a mailing list in exchange for the free pattern. You must not require a physical shipping address.  You may use the website GumRoad, as this is what our resident free monthly pattern design uses. Other suggestions are google drive, imgur, dropbox, etc.

Can I host a stitch a long (SAL) to advertise my shop?


I would like to share a free pattern. How does that count in the 90-10 rule?

Sharing a freebie counts towards the 10 part of the 90-10 rule. While we all love it when designers share freebies, at this time we're counting it towards self-promotion. 

Can you add my pattern to the “free patterns” tab?


How can I donate a prize to the monthly competition?

Message the mod team. 

Donating a prize means you pay shipping to the winner. Winners can be all over the world; international shipping can be expensive.

How do I sign up for the Continuous Craft Fair?

Click "Apply for the Continuous Craft Fair" on this page.

Why isn’t my shop showing up on the Continuous Craft Fair?

We add new shops to the fair by hand. You may contact the mod team via modmail if it has been longer than a month since you applied.

How can I become the Featured Artist?

You must have 30 or more patterns in your store. You must not have patterns stolen from other creators. You must follow the rules of the subreddit.

Contact the mod team via modmail to apply.

Why wasn’t I chosen as a Featured Artist?

Please message the mod team and ask.

Do I have to post cross stitch related things on /r/CrossStitch? I also crochet, embroider, knit, cook, have a cute puppy, etc.


How do I use reddit?

Please refer to the Reddit FAQ.

Why did you send me a message saying I broke the rules? I didn’t know the rules! I just joined reddit!

When you signed up for reddit, you agreed to its content policy and user agreement. In these agreements, it outlines you are responsible for following the rules of reddit and the subreddits you participate in. Being new to reddit does not excuse you from following the rules. Read and review our rules.

I read your rules and found a loophole I can exploit. Can I argue exhaustively with you about how you did not explicitly say I could not do this?


I saw another user who doesn’t follow these rules. What do I do?

Message the mod team.

You didn’t answer my question. What do I do?

Message the mod team.