Optional Materials

Hoops, Q-Snaps and Scroll Frames: These hold your fabric taut while you stitch, making it easier to handle. There are many different types and can come in plastic, wood, and even metal. Q-Snaps are a favorite among many stitchers but are more expensive than wooden hoops. Scroll Frames take more work but are better for larger fabrics. What option is right for you?

In this post redditors weigh in on hoops, Q-snaps and scroll frames.

Needle Minder: These come in handy to hold your needle when not in use, but you could also easily use a pin cushion. Some stitchers even just set the needle in the same place, stick it in their couch, or hold it in their mouth when not in use. Needle minders are neat, as you can easily make them yourself with some hot glue and two magnets.

Lap and Floor Stands: Stands can help with speed and reducing your risk of repetitive stress injuries. You could also make your own lap stand.

Table/Lap Stand Reviews

Floor Stand Reviews

Magnifying Lamps: Helps your eyes no matter your age!

Floss Organizer: This will probably quickly become an essential tool. Use these to help keep your thread labeled and organized for a project. It may not seem necessary when you have a four color project, but you'll be loving it when you have a thirty color project.

Masking Tape: Masking tape is used to tape the edges of your fabric to prevent them from fraying. Some stitchers use it, some don't, it's all in your preference.

Beads: Beads are fun and can create beautiful embellishments in your work. A stitcher favorite is to go for a Mill Hill seed bead as they're primarily made for stitchery.

Highlighter: A lot of stitchers make copies of their patterns, that way they can mark on one with a highlighter to keep track of where they are, and be able to have an untouched copy around. This may become an essential, I know many stitchers who won't stitch without one nearby!

Thread Magic: A thread protectant and conditioner, designed to prevent your thread from fraying, tangling, and protects it from UV light damage. (sometimes referred to as Thread Heaven which is no longer in production)